After years of working with curly hair in her exclusive salons, Ouidad designed products specifically formulated for the needs of curly hair - waves, kinks, or any texture at all! More info can be found on

  • Products deliver healthy, curly hair for life. They focus on the building blocks of healthy hair, not on the aesthetic, short-term effects.
  • Curly hair is more delicate. Because of the spiral nature of curly hair, the cuticle layer can become lifted and more easily exposed leading to frizz and dryness. Ouidad products are gentle and extremely moisturizing and to get hair into its healthiest condition.
  • Curly hair does not need to be weighed down. No waxes, silicones, or heavy oils to beat hair into submission.
  • Feed hair what it needs. Moisture, proteins and amino acids get hair to look its best and perform over the long term.
  • Care for both the hair and the scalp with ingredients that work harmoniously.
  • Formulations that are lightweight and water-soluble will not leave any residue or product build-up.
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